Timber trailers

Kronos forestry trailers make light work of heavy loads

Kronos offers forestry trailers with load capacities ranging from 10 tonnes to up to 15 tonnes. All models are available also with driven axles. The Kronos 140 and 160 WDM models are fitted with NAF bogey axles with power transmitted via a drive gear and a differential gear system to the bogie housings. The 150 4WD, 120 4WD and 100 4WD models have hydraulic drive with power transmitted to the tyres by means of rollers.
Kronos forestry trailers are designed and manufactured according to the same principles as all other Kronos products to be of the highest quality and long lasting. This is reflected in the high resale value of Kronos forestry trailers, which are also highly sought after as used machinery.

Dennis Grankvist


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Pelle Furubacka


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