The New Kronos predator 1700 M

Kronos Predator 1700 M is a new heavy-duty agricultural tractor driven shredder.

Kronos shredder is intended to keep ditch banks, road shoulders and old fields free of brushwood and shrubbery. Power transmission device is provided with strong PTO shafts and means of robust angle gears. Cutting element is a hardened 13 mm thick steel chain. Using a chain has proven to be the most economical option for clearing brush in rocky and difficult environments. The chain is excellent for inhibiting regrowth since it splits the stubble and stems so that they dry out.

In the The NEW MODEL Predator 1700 M.  
we have focused on materials, to increase the 
cutting width and to optimize the weigth of the 
machine. The mulcher has a 1.7m wide head, which lost 
weigth 85kg compared to the previous model. The 
roughest wearing surfaces have been updated from 
HARDOX 400 to 500. The cutting mouth is arc-shaped 
to cut smoothly even the biggest coppice without 
putting the machine to it limits. One great update is the 
chain housing that is now lighter and made of HARDOX. 


Product Video

Weight, kg969
Working width, cm170
Max sidesliding, cm150
Horizontal reach455
Overall length, cm284
Height in transportation mode287
PTO rpm540
Tilt, degrees120
Steering2 hydraulic cylinders