Kronos 8020 Series

Kronos 8020 Series

The Kronos 8020 series is available with option of three different boom lengths.  This is the most power­ful crane in the Kronos range, they are extremely robust and after rigorous testing they have proved their structural superiority.
The 8020 series cranes’ lifting and slewing forces are high throughout the whole operating envelope therefore guaranteeing high efficiency. The 8020 series of cranes comes as standard with a powerful grab and rotator.

Two particular sectors have been especially focused on when developing the Kronos 8020 series of cranes: durability and ergonomics. The booms have passed detailed FEM analyses and demonstrated their enormous strength. The slewing and lifting dampers soften the movements and prevent sharp hydraulic pressure peaks in loading, therefore ex­tending the crane’s service life. The telescopic extension cylinder with hydraulic end-dampening and swing damper for the grab put final touches to the unit.

Kronos 8020 is suitable for mounting on large tractors and forestry trailers, e.g. Kronos 140 N 4WDM and 160 4WDM

Additional Diagrams

Kronos 8020 SeriesKronos 8020 Series
Model80208020 L8020 XL
Max outreach, m7.78.39.9
Length of main boom, m2.73.33.3
Length of extension boom, m2x1,52x1,52x2,0
Height, m1.951.951.95
Width, m1.251.251.25
Lifting moment, brutto/netto, kNm82,0/62,082,0/60,082,0/54,0
Allowable load, kg/4m (without grapple and rotator)155015001350
Turning angle of boom, degrees360360360
Turning moment, brutto, kNm22,0022,0022,00
Lubrication of turning deviceOilOilOil
Cylinders in turning device, pcs444
Turning angle of rotator
Turning moment of rotator, Nm160016001600
Grapple size, m²0.270.270.27
Max opening of grapple, mm147514751475
Minimum grapple diameter, mm757575
Width of grapple, mm345/425345/425345/425
Weight, grapple + rotator, kg250250250
Weight, basic loader, kg124012801400
Working pressure, bar210210210
Recommended pump output, l/min70-10070-10070-100
Model of crane base125-160125-160125-160
Tractor, with universal crane base (3-p link)
Model of crane base---
Tractor with chassis bracketsooo
Swing dampersss
Hydr. Winchooo
Service stair & anti-slip devicesss

S = Standard equipment, O = Optional equipment.

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