Kronos 6020 Series

Kronos 6020

KRONOS 6020 is designed in accordance with the wishes of professional users. The sturdy crane booms and high quality hydraulic components guarantee efficient working hours for the years ahead.

Hydraulic hoses are well shielded inside a protective cover. The hoses are dimensioned for large amounts of oil flow to the grapple. This enables the efficient use of diversified felling and energy grapples without further modifications.

Kronos 6020 is suitable for mounting onto large tractors and forestry trailers, for example to the Kronos 140 4WDM & 160 4WDM.

Kronos 6020’s powerful slewing device, short lift boom, and strong chain-transmission-based double extensions, together make transportation of heavy loads extremely accurate and fast.

There are various alternative control systems for the crane. As a basic choice, a mechanical multi-lever control valve is available, but for the professional contractor a hydraulic or electrical remote control system is an advisable alternative. The greatest output in professional use can be reached by a fully electronic CAN bus controlled Parker IQAN system. The system enables, among other things, individual speed control of all the motions.

Additional Diagrams

Kronos 6020 SeriesKronos 6020 Series
Model60206020 L6020 XL
Max outreach, m7.68.38.9
Length of main boom, m2.63.33.3
Length of extension boom, m2x1,52x1,52x1,5
Height, m1.91.91.9
Width, m1.251.251.25
Lifting moment, brutto/netto, kNm72,0/48,072,0/46,072,0/44,0
Allowable load, kg/4m (without grapple and rotator)114010801040
Turning angle of boom, degrees400400400
Turning moment, brutto, kNm18,0018,0018,00
Lubrication of turning deviceOilOilOil
Cylinders in turning device, pcs444
Turning angle of rotator
Turning moment of rotator, Nm100010001000
Grapple size, m²0.260.260.26
Max opening of grapple, mm145014501450
Minimum grapple diameter, mm858585
Width of grapple, mm290/340290/340290/340
Weight, grapple + rotator, kg175175175
Weight, basic loader, kg120012401250
Working pressure, bar175175175
Recommended pump output, l/min60-10060-10060-100
Model of crane baseW04W04W04
Tractor, with universal crane base (3-p link)
Model of crane base---
Tractor with chassis bracketsooo
Swing dampersss
Hydr. Winchooo
Service stair & anti-slip devicesss

S = Standard equipment, O = Optional equipment.

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