Kronos 5020 Series

Kronos 5020 Series

The new Kronos 5020 series is a new addition to the already comprehensive range of Kronos forestry machinery. The starting point for the design of the machine was a desire to develop a timber loader that had a chassis that was both durable and light. We achieved both of these objectives and we are now able to proudly present the perfect loader for any tractor use. Two basic models are available, which we can tailor to meet the needs of our customers.

The loader's booms have been completely redesigned, with the hoses leading to the grapple being securely housed within the boom itself. A significant weight decrease has also been achieved with the internalization of the hoses, adding to the efficiency of the loader. Two basic models are available, which we can tailor to meet the needs of our customers.

Kronos 5020


This model with the 2,7m main makes it a very versatile tractor-mounted loader for fitting direct to the tractor (via a Jake Mounting kit) Thanks to compact 1st main boom the use with an energy grapple is very efficient also making the loader very agile in first thinnings.


Kronos 5020 L


The 5020L loader is ideal for mounting on a trailer. The long main boom enables good reach for timber in most situations and enables you to stack high loads on a trailer.
Max outreach, m7.88.5
Length of main boom, m2.653.35
Length of extension boom, m2x1,602x1,60
Height, m1.81.8
Width, m--
Lifting moment, brutto/netto, kNm62,0/44,062,0/37,2
Allowable load, kg/4m (without grapple and rotator)1100930
Turning angle of boom, degrees400400
Turning moment, brutto, kNm1818
Lubrication of turning deviceOilOil
Cylinders in turning device, pcs44
Turning angle of rotator
Turning moment of rotator, Nm900900
Grapple size, m²0.260.26
Max opening of grapple, mm14501450
Minimum grapple diameter, mm8585
Width of grapple, mm290/340290/340
Weight, grapple + rotator, kg170170
Weight, basic loader, kg10901120
Working pressure, bar175175
Recommended pump output, l/min60-10060-100
Model of crane baseA01,W03, W04A01,W03, W04
Tractor, with universal crane base (3-p link)
Model of crane baseA01A01
Tractor with chassis bracketsoo
Swing damperss
Hydr. Winchoo
Service stair & anti-slip devicess

S = Standard equipment, O = Optional equipment.

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