Kronos 5000 Series

The Classic Professional’s Loader

Kronos 5000 has acquired a vast and faithful body of users. Its high lifting force, optimised motion paths and short main boom make the 5000 an extremely agile and productive loader for thinning operations. With two hydraulic extensions, it has a maximum reach of 7.5 metres, despite the loader’s short main boom (2.6 metres). Models L, XL and XXL are recommended for purposes requiring long reach.

Additional Diagrams

Kronos 5000 Series
Model50005000 L5000 XL5000 XXL
Max outreach, m7.
Length of main boom, m2.
Length of extension boom, m2x1,52x1,52x1,52x2,0
Height, m1.
Width, m1.
Lifting moment, brutto/netto, kNm50,0/40,050,0/39,050,0/38,050,0/36,0
Allowable load, kg/4m (without grapple and rotator)1000990985982
Turning angle of boom, degrees400400400400
Turning moment, brutto, kNm18,0018,0018,0018,00
Lubrication of turning deviceOilOilOilOil
Cylinders in turning device, pcs4444
Turning angle of rotator
Turning moment of rotator, Nm900900900900
Grapple size, m²0.
Max opening of grapple, mm1450145014501450
Minimum grapple diameter, mm85858585
Width of grapple, mm290/340290/340290/340290/340
Weight, grapple + rotator, kg170170170170
Weight, basic loader, kg970104010501100
Working pressure, bar175175175175
Recommended pump output, l/min40-8040-8040-8040-80
Model of crane baseW03, W04W03, W04W03, W04W03, W04
Tractor, with universal crane base (3-p link)
Model of crane baseA01A01A01A01
Tractor with chassis bracketsoooo
Swing damperssss
Hydr. Winchoooo
Service stair & anti-slip devicessss

S = Standard equipment, O = Optional equipment.

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