Kronos 4000 Series

A Multi-Purpose Loader

Kronos 4000 is an excellent loader for farm and forest applications. Its motion paths are very practical and its lifting force even throughout its lifting range. Being flange-mounted, the loader can be mounted either onto the tractor’s frame or on a forestry trailer.

Additional Diagrams

Kronos 4000 Series
Model40004000 L
Max outreach, m6.67.1
Length of main boom, m33.5
Length of extension boom, m1,501,50
Height, m1.71.7
Width, m1.481.48
Lifting moment, brutto/netto, kNm39.3/30,039,3/29,0
Allowable load, kg/4m (without grapple and rotator)760710
Turning angle of boom, degrees390390
Turning moment, brutto, kNm7,9*7,9*
Lubrication of turning deviceOilOil
Cylinders in turning device, pcs22
Turning angle of rotator
Turning moment of rotator, Nm900900
Grapple size, m²0.20.2
Max opening of grapple, mm12501250
Minimum grapple diameter, mm8080
Width of grapple, mm280/320280/320
Weight, grapple + rotator, kg110110
Weight, basic loader, kg660670
Working pressure, bar175175
Recommended pump output, l/min40-8040-80
Model of crane baseA01,W03, W04A01,W03, W04
Tractor, with universal crane base (3-p link)
Model of crane baseA01A01
Tractor with chassis bracketsoo
Swing damperss
Hydr. Winchoo
Service stair & anti-slip deviceotherother

S =  Standard equipment, O = Optional

*Turning moment for models 4000 and 4000 L increases to 15,3 kNm by using additional turning cylinders.

**Attention! Only if the crane is equipped with two extra turning cylinders.

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