Kronos 160 4WDM

A heavy duty trailer with mechanical traction and big 26,5" tyres

The KRONOS 160 4WDM forestry trailer has a sturdy set of bogey axles based entirely on mechanical transmission, with the power generated by the drive shaft being transmitted via a drive gear and a differential gear system to the bogie housings on both sides of the machine.
There is no elastic or disc clutch inside the bogey housing, the gears being in constant contact with each other. Road safety is guaranteed via multiple-disc brakes.

A standard fixture of the drive gear is its differential gear lock, which enables all four wheels to pull at the same speed. The trailer's set of drive shafts is provided with an overload clutch to deal with inadvertent overloading. The gear ratio between the tractor and the trailer has been adapted in the trailer's front-end gearbox, the gear ratio of the trailer being variable by changing a pair of gear wheels or the entire gearbox.

When the trailer is being pulled with the power transmission off, the set of drive shafts is disengaged, freeing the front-end gearbox from unnecessary rotation, and thus making the trailer easier to pull.

Product Highlights

  • Traction power of tractor/trailer combination 130 kN.
  • Driving speed on public roads up to 30-40 km/h.
  • Quick attachment to/from tractor.

Product Video

Model160 4WDM
Weight, kg6600
Carrying capacity, kg13000
Total weight permitted on bogie with max speed 30 km/h, kg16000
Cross-section area of load platform, m²3,35
Overall length, mm5900
Length of the load area, mm4000
Bolsters: Fixed / Movable2 (double) / 2 single
Load supports12
Bogie wheelbase, mm1500
Bogie movement range, degrees20
Push force of trailer, kN (kp)90 (9000)
Ground clearance, at bogie, mm~ 660
Ground clearance at rear of frame, mm~ 840
500/55-17/12 ELS-
550/45-22.5/12 ELS-
600/50-22.5/12 ELS L-1 TL-
600/50-22.5/16 ELS L-2 SF (with steel breaker)-
600/50-22.5/16 TRS 6-2 SF (with steel breaker)-
710/45x22.5 Nokian Forest King (with steel breaker)-
700/50-26.5/16 TRS SFS (with steel breaker)s
600/55-26.5/16 TRS L-2 SF (with steel breaker)o
Recommended craneKronos 5000 Series
Kronos 5020 Series
Kronos 6020 Series
Kronos 8020 Series
Kronos Gripto 1010
Front grills
Hydr. adjustable front grill and bolsters
Multiple disc brakess
Operating brake (hydr.drum brakes)-
Parking brakeo
Differential locking systems
Mechanical clutch and lock electric operated from the control units
Turning angle of the hydraulic drawbar, degrees±45
Y-drawbar with frame steerings
Telescopic rear frame-extension with one bolstero

Equipment: S=Standard, O= optional

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