Blog: SmartDrive+ pulls trailers at just the right speed

SmartDrive+ pulls trailers at just the right speed

Another new innovation offered by Kronos is SmartDrive+ hydraulic drive for timber trailers, which will be made available this summer. The original SmartDrive system changes the direction of the trailer together with the tractor, whereas the new SmartDrive+ system also controls the driving speed of the trailer.

“SmartDrive+ means the driver no longer has to worry about controlling the trailer, as the system does it automatically. When the trailer has the optimal traction, it can get out of the trickiest places without damaging the ground or roots. Driven trailers also save fuel. The hydraulic wheel motors also enable the use of tyre chains, which is not possible with a cog drive system,” Product Manager Dennis Grankvist explains.

SmartDrive+ is connected directly to the tractor’s bus and uses the same data as the ISOBUS system.