Blog: Kronos introduces Smart Boom Control on Gripto timber loaders

Kronos introduces Smart Boom Control on Gripto timber loaders

Smart Boom Control is now available on Kronos Gripto timber loaders. Kronos is the first manufacturer to introduce Smart Boom Control on tractor-operated timber loaders. Previously, a similar system was available only on the biggest forest machines. 

“Smart Boom Control lets the operator control the tip of the loader in any direction by joystick. In traditional systems, the operator has had to move the tip by extending or retracting numerous different hydraulic cylinders one by one,” explains Product Manager Dennis Grankvist.

Working with Smart Boom Control offers more precise, faster and higher quality results. The boom moves seamlessly instead of in stages. An electronic damper prevents sudden movements when the boom reaches its maximum outreach. The rotation of the boom can also be set to a steady speed, regardless of whether the boom is one metre or ten metres from the driver. 

“Smart Boom Control is a big help for both beginners and experienced operators. The system also consumes less energy and requires less concentration, as there is less to control manually. If experienced operators think they can do a better job, they should try Smart Boom Control for a day or two before jumping to conclusions,” Grankvist points out.

The system’s sensors are located outside of the hydraulic cylinders, but inside the boom, making them easy to change if necessary. The system’s intelligence is integrated into the valve board’s controller and also has diagnostic capabilities. 

The list price of Smart Boom Control is 4950 euros and it is available on Gripto 1010 and 1009 timber loaders. Smart Boom Control is suitable for both tractor-operated and self-propelled machines.

“I believe that in a few years Smart Boom Control will be standard equipment. The price difference between an electronically controlled and traditional valve board is about the same as that of Smart Boom Control, and these days no one is interested in traditional valve boards. I think that Smart Boom Control will catch on in a similar way,” Grankvist adds.